Nice to see you’ve landed on my portfolio website! Here you can find some of my work which gives an impression of different professional skills and qualities.

A little bit about myself:
Since I was a child, I have been experimenting with colour, light and spatial forms. Through extensive travels, I have developed a passion for design, art and culture. My professional and academic experience have built on my natural curiosity and acquired tastes. Studying at the AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) has allowed me to understand the theoretical underpinnings and practical disciplines involved with modern branding, design, visual culture and photo production. The internship at VMAGAZINE’s fashion department in NYC and multiple freelance jobs in the city kicked my ass (read: taught me the necessary level of dedication) and my excitement for creating stunning imagery only grew stronger.

So far, I have explored many aspects of the creative communication field, such as Branding, Concepting, Graphic Design, the Editorial world including Copy Writing, Photography, Film, Creative/Art Direction and Styling always enjoying the process of creating something new and exciting.

AMFI Fashion & Branding graduates can research, strategise and create unique identities and value systems for fashion brands. These identities are translated to content and technology platforms relevant to users, the market and the industry. Fashion branders can execute these strategies in a 360 degree perspective, taking into account communication platforms and user needs.

I currently work part time as a Creative Content Editor for Modefabriek and as a freelance Creative Producer and Stylist. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to get in touch!

Worked on projects with/for:
CR Fashion Book
British Vogue
Volt Café | by Volt Magazine

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Alexander Neumann
Anna Trevelyan
Luca Galasso
Clare Richardson
Clare Byrne
Daan Brand
Tommy Hagen
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Sjoerd de Wit
Anne-Claire Petit
Hannah Lipowsky
Janine Breukhoven-Kho
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